Emergency Pool Phones

Emergency Pool Phones

We offer emergency pool phones to owners who need a reliable connection to emergency
responders. It is essential that your swimming pools are prepared in the event of an emergency.
We offer top-of-the-line pool help phone products, with a model for both cellular and standard
wired phone lines, to fit each unique outdoor space need. Each emergency pool phone is built
with a rugged, weather resistant design to hold up outdoors and provide a reliable means to
summon help in any adverse outdoor situation. Included in the price is our all-inclusive solution,
which includes equipment & installation, lifetime maintenance and 24/7/365 emergency
monitoring. Our aim is for your phone to be reliable in any situation.

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Emergency Pool Phones

You would be surprised at how often a pool help phone dial button is used for a variety of help
calls such as children needing assistance, health emergencies, domestic disputes, burglary, theft,
disasters caused by weather and more. Our emergency dispatchers take calls for all kinds of
property emergencies placed from these phones because people often find that these are their
only access to help in a time of need. This also highlights the need for a monitored emergency
phone year-round and not just in pool season.

With the dial of a button, a phone call is connected to our emergency dispatch center where live
operators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our operators assess the needs of the
caller and act accordingly, following a call-list designated by you or dispatching emergency
services as needed. If a child activates the dial button and an adult presence can not be verified,
the operator will remain on the line while another operator contacts the property to verify proper
supervision at the pool.

If immediate medical attention is required, an operator can provide assistance. We have
Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatch certified (AEMD) operators, which means they
are able to provide step-by-step pre-arrival instructions (including CPR) as needed.

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